Bamboo Bali Spa

In Harmony with Nature, In Harmony with Your Skin

Bamboo Bali has taken a holistic approach to hair removal where the beauty and health of the skin is the focus and the integrity of our precious environment is preserved.



Forehead                              IDR 50K

Eyebrows                             IDR 50K

Cheeks                                 IDR 50K

Chin                                     IDR 50K

Upper lips                           IDR 50K

Full Face                              IDR 180K



Neck                          IDR 50K

Chest                        IDR 100K/180K

Back                          IDR 100K/180K

Bikini (Line/Full)      IDR 115K/180K


Arms and Legs

Under Arms               IDR 50K

Arms                          IDR 100K/150K

Legs                           IDR 115K/180K